Series PAF2000

Lemon yellow Citrus yellow Iron red Green Chrome green
Blue Black Autumn brown Rust brown Chocolate brown

Intermixable - and special white as well as an imitation etch are also available as standard products.

Extra colours (cadmium containing)

Description: Heavy metal free glass enamels for tempering and heat strengthening process. Borosilicate frit with added metaloxide pigments. All standard colours are intermixable.
Typical Substrate: Flat glass
Printing Conditions: Recommended mesh size when pasted up in Infra Red drying medium is
43-77 T (110 - 195 mesh).
Firing conditions: 620 - 720 °C (1148 - 1328 °F), tempering cycle
Coefficient of thermal expansion: Varies between 85 and 95 10-7 k-1 depending on the shades
Chemical Resistance: Acid resistance test results
  • 3.7% HCI, 15 minutes at room temperature assessment according to ASTM C 724-91 grade: 2 to 3
  • 10% Citric acid, 15 minutes at room temperature assessment according to ASTM C 724-91 grade: 1 to 2
  • 4% Acetic acid, 24 hours at room temperature assessment according to ASTM C 724-91 grade: 2 to 3

Alkaline resistance test result

  • 10% NaOH, 2hours at 95°C assessment according to ASTM norm C1203-91 result: < 1.0 mg/cm2

When applied and fired correctly the range will meet the chemical resistance levels described above. This level of resistance, however, does not imply nor guarantee any specific levels of resistance to atmospheric exposure nor product lifespan.

It is not recommended to use these glass enamels in environments where they will be directly subjected to exposure to water and weather for extended periods.

Presentation: The colours from this range can be provided in:
  • Powder
  • Infra Red drying screen printing medium
  • Waterfriendly IR-drying rollercoating medium
  • Waterbased spraying medium
Surface appearance: Glossy
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